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In the Ardèche department, the world of tourism offers a wide range of activities open to all. Among them, the Vélorail des Gorges du Doux has had its moment of glory. For those who are not familiar with this exceptional leisure activity, it consists of small carriages mounted on old rails and, as a result, Ardèche tourists can essentially enjoy descents along the Doux Gorges. This is another way to visit the Ardèche and its jewels and to enjoy its wide and breathtaking landscapes. Fasten your seatbelts, we’re taking you on a sensational Ardèche tour!

Velorail Ardèche: presentation of this original activity.

Have you ever heard this particular word: vélorail. Maybe it’s the first time you’ve read it or, on the contrary, maybe it brings back wonderful memories of the Ardèche. In any case, it is worth remembering that velorail is a compound word that simply means bicycle on rails. The principle is based on the use of small cars that can hold up to 5 people and that walk…with pedals as in the old days. The Vélorail operates on the Vivarais railway, the track on which the famous Train de l’Ardèche ran a long time ago. This track has a whole history behind it and to continue to ride it nowadays is an opportunity.

The different possible routes

For this Ardèche Velorail activity which passes through the Gorges du Doux, several routes are proposed to adults depending on their level of experience in this field. All the routes start at the station in the town of Boucieu Le Roi. The shortest routes, such as the Châtaigniers and Les Étroits, are twelve kilometres long and can be done by bicycle. They are perfect for beginners who are new to these pedal cars. But for the more adventurous and courageous, La descente des Viaducs and La Grande Aventure will give you strong vertiginous sensations. Finally, why not book the Velorail des Étoiles to come and admire them on a summer evening in the Ardèche.

Velorail Ardèche: for family and group activities

As you can see, the Gorges du Doux velorail is ideal for enjoying leisure time with the family. Indeed, during your stay in mobil home vallon pont d’arc, your holidays will only be more beautiful thanks to an afternoon devoted to the velorail. A beautiful escapade that lasts about two and a half hours and where children are also welcome. Car seats are available and integrated into each cart just like in a normal car. And, unique information: even your canine companion can accompany you. The Velorail Ardèche is also an excellent idea for green classes and discovery tours. Whatever the reason for your visit, you will be able to travel effortlessly up the mountain on the renovated old steam train.

Velorail Ardèche: all the information you need.

For a velorail session, you must go to Boucieu le Roi (07 270) at 265 A Route du Pont du Roi. To be sure to have a place, you must reserve a date and a precise time on the official Velorail website. Please note that prices vary according to the route selected. Prices vary from 20 euros to 35 euros for an adult and from 10 to 20 euros for a child over four years old. So let’s get on with the adventure on the Ardèche Velorail!

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Vélorail des gorges du Doux

265 A Route du Pont du Roi, 07270 Boucieu-le-Roi