Are you visiting the Ardèche for a short weekend or a longer holiday? Why not try an original activity linked to nature: canyoning. Make the most of this sporting moment to get away from it all. This can, of course, be your first canyoning experience or, if you have already practised it, you can opt for more advanced training. In any case, the Ardèche is the ideal region for this water sport and to allow yourself a breath of adrenalin and oxygen.

Initiation and discovery of canyoning in Ardèche

For beginners, it is possible to choose the activity of canyoning in Ardèche as a discovery. You will learn to descend along the torrents that nature has formed. During this sporty moment, you will have to make jumps and cross natural slides. For those who are new to canyoning in the Ardèche, there are simple routes adapted to this level of discovery. You will be accompanied by an official and approved instructor who will guide you on your first steps in canyoning so that you can gain confidence.

Itineraries adapted to the more athletic

On the contrary, for people who are passionate about canyoning in Vallon Pont d’Arc, there are routes that are also in line with their sporting experience. For the more experienced, the routes will be even more varied to increase the difficulty. Thrills are guaranteed! Between abseils under natural waterfalls, longer swims, more complicated slides, deep jumps and rope abseils, sportsmen and women will be more than served. It goes without saying that, even if you know a lot about canyoning in the Ardèche, the presence of a qualified guide is essential for the proper practice of this water sport.

Canyoning Ardeche: when to practice and for whom?

But who can book a canyoning session in Ardèche? First of all, you should know that this sport is seasonal and is mainly practiced from the beginning of spring to the beginning of autumn, therefore from mid-April to October on average. It is essential to know how to swim and not to be afraid of water. As for age, you must be at least 10 or 12 years old depending on the Vallon Pont d’Arc canyoning centre. You can try this sport with your family or friends as it is a group sport. As far as prices are concerned, count on about 40 euros for a half day and 70 euros for a full day of canyoning in the Ardèche.

Vallon Pont d’Arc: the centre of canyoning!

In the southern Ardèche, Vallon Pont d’Arc is considered as the flagship town for canyoning thanks to its extraordinary natural environment. You can practice canyoning, for example, in the Rieussec canyon, also very popular. For the more regular, there is the Base nautique du Pont d’Arc which offers multiple activities in the department and therefore very varied itineraries for all those attracted by canyoning. Similarly, the Roches de la Haute Borne is an ideal place for canyoning in the Ardèche.

Cities in the Ardeche where you can go canyoning

Apart from the area around Vallon Pont d’Arc, the Ardeche has other places where it is possible to do the canyoning tour. And there is no shortage of them in the area. Indeed, several towns and villages have natural areas such as peaks and waterfalls suitable for canyoning. Thus, Ruoms, Aubenas, Chassezac, Labastide-de-Bésorgues, Les Assiens, Villefort or even Saint-Martin d’Ardèche are all places to remember for a 100% canyoning experience.

For the less experienced in this field, it is good to know that canyoning is, in fact, a mixture of different sports. A day of canyoning in Vallon Pont d’Arc is therefore like a small hike that links caving, walking (ranging from 10 minutes to more than 1h30), rafting, diving or even a zip line crossing. Canyoning is inspired by all these worlds to make it a unique sport linked to water.

Canyoning Vallon Pont d’Arc: the necessary equipment.

The practice of canyoning is not possible without the right equipment to ensure optimal safety for all participants. It goes without saying that canyoning must be practiced in the best possible conditions. For this, you will be provided with a range of equipment such as a protective helmet, a wetsuit for the water and a rope for climbing. But you must equip yourself with a swimming costume and a towel as well as suitable shoes.

Finding accommodation during your canyoning activity

Even if some people prefer to rent a gite, a bed and breakfast or a place in a hotel, there is nothing better than camping to stay in the theme of a 100% natural stay. Thus, the camping vallon pont d’arc will welcome you as it should and you will be able to rest there after your canyoning session. In short, canyoning in Vallon Pont d’Arc is open to all adventure lovers. The Ardèche is the perfect region to enjoy this thrilling sport, so why not you? Ready to take the plunge next season?